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Tallín 9-12 Junio 2015

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Miembros de BPW-Spain que asistirán:

  • Mª José Mainar Puchol
    Eratema Group (Valencia)

    ERATEMA is acompany of Marketing Research specialized in the generation of Market Intelligence for its customers and support its use to develop competitive advantages.

    Our Mission:
    Obtain and collect Information to generate relevant Knowledge about consumers and competitors for our customers and support them in the process of utilization of this knowledge in market Decision-making.

    For this, ERATEMA has:
    - A multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals, including statisticians, economists, psychologists and sociologists, within business and scientific research.
    - wn statistical consulting, analysis and fieldwork departments.
    - Coverage areas in Spain, European Union, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
    - Punctual experiences in Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.
    - Strategic alliances with local consulting and research centers.
  • Isabel Mañas
    Academia Indalo (Valencia)

    Owner and manager of INDALO ACADEMY, which teaches modern languages and computing. She is also partner in THE BALCONCILLO TAVERN.

    Graduated in English and Spanish languages.Studies on Leadership Development in different institutions.

    She started her professional career in Germany as an executive secretary in different companies, and as a travel agent

    From 1990 to present she has been owner and manager of the Indalo Academy, which is dedicated to teaching modern languages ​​and computing.

    In 2009 she promoted the opening of the Taberna El Balconcillo as a partner.

    President of Manos Unidas in Sedaví from 2012 to the present.

    EVAP member since the foundation of the association in October 2002.

    For seven years she has served on the Board of evap / BPW Valencia, being treasurer for two years and Vice President for five years.

    Co-founder of the Spanish Federation of Business and Professional Women, BPW Spain, and president of this association for six years.
  • María Valencia Jimenez
    GeaEstudio (Cádiz)

    GeaEstudio is a Tecnical and cross-disciplinary Office offering multidisciplinary project : archaeolgy works, museography, technology aplied to cultural heritage, ingeneery, webdesing and graphic desing.

    GeaSense is changing rigth now from a branding to a personal one. It`s a Travel Consulting. We work with agencies and Touroperators designing cultural trips for travelers who wants an accomodating cultural experience . right now our best destination are Morocco and Italy two rich countries; history culture customs and modernity.
  • Paloma Mora
    TV ON, Cinema and TV Producer (Valencia)

    - Degree in Information Sciences, 1990-95.
    - Doctorate courses, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).
    - DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma) in Audiovisual Communication. Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    Profesional Experience
    As CEO and founder of TV ON, Cinema and TV Producer from 1999.

    - Member of EVAP/BPW Valencia Spain, PAV (Audiovisual Company registered in the Valencian Community).
    - Audiovisual and Film Company registered with the Spanish Ministry of Culture.
    - Member of PAV (Valencian Audiovisual Producers) since 2000.
    - Founding member of CAV (Valencian Audiovisual Cluster).
    - Member of CIMA (National association of women filmmakers).
    - Member of EWA (European Women´s audiovisual network).
    - Member of AVEPA (Valencian association of animation producers).
  • Emi Morató Bosch
    Mopasa S.L. (Valencia)

    My name is Emilia Morató. I'm 39 years old. I've a number family with three children, my husband and me. My husband and me have a little shop about material office and technology for the companys, we are a good partner for your business!!!!!!

    And I work in industrial company. We produce varnish, water paints and solvent paints and powder coatins.

    We are in Alcàsser and I am a technical director with three laboratory and six people with me and I am a quality director manager and envoirement with the regulations ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001.
  • Amparo Martínez Miró
    Lawyer & Projects Adviser (Valencia)

    - Degree in Law. Valencia.
    - Master in European Affaires. Madrid.
    - Master in International Trade. Valencia.
    - Advanced Studies Diploma "Women on Boards". Valencia.

    Profesional Experience:
    Immigration Lawyer in several NGOs in Spain (Red Cross, Aid Action, Women in the World) From 2002 I help immigrant people to get legal papers when they arrived to Spain.
    Project Manager from 1990 to 2003 in a Spanish Public Company and evaluator of European projects in Brussels (Programs: Petra, Eurotecnet, Now).
    From 2003 to actuality entrepreneur as Europe Projects Adviser and General Coordinator in BPW Spain.

    - ECC Member in EVAP/BPW Valencia Spain.
    - Member of the International Projects Committee in BPW International.
  • Ana María Pradell
    Lawyer & Real Estate Agent (Barcelona)

    We have more than 25 years of experiencia in Spain in managing the legal affairs of our clients.

    We have another project to help foreign clients who are interested in buying real estate in Spain, be it for private or investment purposes. Our service consists in finding the perfect property for each one of our clients according to his specific needs and the possibilities of obtaining Spanish residency permits.
  • Rana Ezzeddine
    Finixia (Valencia)

    I am Rana Ezzeddine, I am originally from Lebanon, I finished my studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Owner and General Manager of the Company FINIXIA located in Valencia, dedicated to the International Commerce of wooden derivate materials, our products are distributed in more than 20 countries around the world and especially in Contract projects.

    I travel frequently to promote our products in the International markets. My trips give me the opportunity to deal and negotiate with different mentalities and culture, which gives me richness at personal and professional level.

    I am member of EVAP/BPW Valencia since 10 years, and the Coordinator of the International Committee of BPW SPAIN.