Dear BPW sisters,


From BPW Spain in collaboration with BPW Ceuta, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the 2nd Congress of Sustainable Cross-Border Cities 2022, a face-to-face event, in Ceuta September 8, 9 and 10th  with the aim of analyzing from the perspective of a border city, the economic and social approach within a sustainable city environment.


Through this Congress, we would like to present different models of success and knowledge, reflect on energy as a sustainable and necessary resource for the future, and consider possible opportunities for Ceuta. We must create spaces and compare each of the contents presented with the business and professional reality, as you can see in the attached program.


Registration for the congress will be made through the Google form managed by the general coordinator at the following link: https://forms.gle/jQgiDT5PP7WXRGgu8


You can coordinate your travel via Travel Agency  Viajes Trujillo who will manage the Ceuta vouchers for the boat, hotel and helicopter.


You can check all the possibilities in: https://turismodeceuta.com/


The person in charge of our trip is called José Benítez, his email is: jbenitez@viajes-trujillo.com  and his phone number +34 856 200 013.


Lodging and Transportation

The lodging included in the tourist vouchers is the Hotel Puerta de África


* All options include breakfast:


Room with boat:

Option 1 - Double room with boat – night 8, 9, and 10…………… 208.00 € x room (3 nights)

Option 2 – Double room with boat- night 8 and 9 …………………. €130.00 per room (2 nights)

Option 3 – Single room with boat- night 8, 9, and 10………. €190.00 per room (3 nights)

Option 4 – Single room with boat- night 8 and 9………….. €123.00 x room (2 nights)


Room without boat:

Double room – night 8, 9, and 10…………… €184 per room (3 nights)

Double room - night 8 and 9 …………………. €106 x room (2 nights)

Single room - night 8, 9, and 10………. €179 per room (3 nights)

Single room - night 8 and 9………….. €111 per room (2 nights)


If you are interested in arriving by helicopter if you travel to Malaga airport, the helicopter has 12 seats and does NOT travel on a Saturday, the price of the helicopter is €160 round trip.


You also can choose the option to travel to Tangier airport and then take a transfer to Ceuta.


We will be very glad to receiving all of you in Ceuta. 

BPW Spain & BPW Ceuta 

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